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Respiratory Support in the Spring and Summer Months.

May 2015 Cedar Bear Newsletter.

Spring has sprung, and with it, lots of respiratory and sinus issues begin popping up. The shift from Winter season to Spring often causes lung and respiratory and immune reaction issues. For areas that are windy like where we are, dust and pollen really kicks up.

So, for your health, here are some general suggestions to keep your eyes, nose, bronchial and respiratory systems in good shape.

  • Drink plenty of pure water regularly throughout the day. Reduce phlegm producing foods, like dairy products.
  • Watch for food allergies. Hidden food allergies can cause histamine reactions that increase respiratory problems and increase the sensitivity of the body.
  • Irrigate the sinuses.  A simple process using something like a Neti pot to flush the sinuses with saline water, especially after being exposed to dust and pollen can greatly reduce problems in the respiratory system.
  • Stock up on these great Cedar Bear products to help this time of year.

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Respir Ease/Respir Ease for Kids

Helps maintain clear bronchial passages, strengthen respiratory tract tissues, and alleviate temporary respiratory discomfort.

INGREDIENTS: Eyebright herb, stinging nettle leaf, elder berry, feverfew herb, chamomile flower, lemon peel, hawthorn berry, goldenrod herb.

Sinus Support Blend

Sinus Support Blend for Kids

This herbal formula supports clear functioning in the sinuses and enhances immune functions to strengthen the body’s defenses.

INGREDIENTS: Fenugreek seed, astragalus root, thyme leaf, schisandra berry, bayberry root bark.

Lymphati Cleanse

Lymphati Cleanse for Kids
The lymphatic system is the ‘ocean of the body’ and the fluids need to keep flowing. Lymphatic Blend is an immune enhancing formula that supports the clearing of the lymphatic system.

INGREDIENTS: Red root bark, echinacea purpurea root, elder berry, blue vervain leaf/stem/flower, yarrow flower, myrrh oleo- gumresin, thyme leaf.

Daily Antioxidants

Daily Antioxidants for Kids

Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and environmental pollutants. An excellent formula for building overall health with a wide variety of antioxidants from whole berries and herbs. The herbs used are known to have ascorbates, flavonoids, free radical scavengers and immune building agents. Helps slow the aging process. A great daily use formula. INGREDIENTS: Elder berry, green tea leaf, rose hips, hawthorn berry, ginkgo leaf, milk thistle seed, schisandra berry, bilberry fruit, cherry fruit (tart), hawthorn leaf, elder flower, French rose flower.

Also explore these herbal products for more respiratory system support:

Mullein Leaf

Mullein Leaf cools, soothes, moistens tissues, maintains respiratory and urinary health. Used to support health during seasonal changes. Works well with other Herbs.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root helps Reduce irritation of mucous membranes, lungs, intestines, supports skin health. Native to Europe and western Asia, and anciently was used widely in Greek medicine. Marshmallow candy was originally made from this plant.

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging Nettle Leaf is a very nutritive Herb that has tissue building mineral electrolytes and is cooling to tissues. Used for centuries to support respiratory and urinary tract health, and as nutritive support during pregnancy and nursing.

Elder Berry

Elder Berry helps maintain upper respiratory tract health. Builds immune system. Naturally cooling, maintains joints and the immune system. Has antioxidants and minerals. Native to Europe and western Asia and was used medicinally for centuries.