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Men’s Health, June 2015 Cedar Bear Newsletter


   June is a month of increased outdoor activity, with Father’s Day falling on the same day as Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. For all you hard working men out there, we wanted to discuss Cedar Bear products that specifically support men’s health needs. Important concerns about supporting heart health, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and insulin levels, and keeping health, vitality, and even libido strong are addressed by these products. Here are some suggested health support formulas by Cedar Bear for men of all ages.

   For general daily health support, choose from Daily Herbals, a valuable source of naturally occurring and easily assimilated major minerals that are essential to overall health, Herbal Minerals Daily for herbal support that targets calcium and other electrolyte minerals and helps build strong bones and tissues, and Daily Antioxidants, an excellent formula for building and protecting overall health with a wide variety of antioxidants and a great support when working indoors or out.

   For supporting cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels, needs that are at the top of many men’s list, Cardio Heart Daily has herbs that work together to tone circulatory system tissues, especially the heart, and Cholestero Balance is acardiovascular system and liver aid that supports maintaining a healthy range of cholesterol levels and the structure and function of the cardiovascular system.

   For concerns with blood sugar and insulin balance, a growing issue in today’s world,Sugar Stop! helps support healthy blood sugar levels and pancreatic function. This formula pairs well with Liver Build & Protect, which has milk thistle seed, an herb that helps protect and build liver tissue, and Digestive Build, a digestive system building and balancing herbal formula.

   Prosta Aid supports prostate and male reproductive system needs, an important issue for all men as they become older. This formula pairs well with Kidney & Bladder Aid, which helps balance kidney/bladder function and supports proper fluid dynamics in the body. Chanca Piedra, an herb known as “Stone breaker” helps clear both the gallbladder and kidneys and supports the hepatic, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.

   To combat stress and adrenal exhaustion in today’s stress-filled world, Adrenal & Focus Blend helps support and balance normal adrenal function, calms the nervous system, and supports cognitive functions and mental focus.

   Vitality Support is a ginseng-based formula especially over those over 40, and helps maintain strength, endurance and stamina. For men that need a bit of a boost, Libido Support for Men was created especially for men to tonify the male reproductive and hormonal system, help maintain circulation to the lower extremities, maintain energy and benefit overall long-term sexual health as well as supporting short ­term performance. Also, the herb known as Tongkat Ali Root is a popular male testosterone supporting herb that helps strengthen energy and vitality; supports bone density, mental function, sperm count and healthy cellular activity and pairs well with Libido Support for Men. (Note: Tongkat Ali is one of the most bitter substances that exists, so it tastes extremely strong.)

   Perhaps most important of all is iodine, a mineral that is vital for all endocrine activity, which includes the prostate, and is also vital for cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and cellular health, and with the rising levels of background radiation and toxicity in our world, daily supplementation with Cedar Bear’s Xodine Iodine is a must!

   All Cedar Bear herbal products are made with Cedar Bear’s proprietary multiple-step process called the TincTract® (TINCTure exTRACTion). This complex extraction process developed by Cedar Bear’s founder, L. Carl Robinson, is based on the centuries’ old concepts of the energies of air, water, fire, and earth. All Cedar Bear TincTract® products are totally alcohol-free, extremely shelf stable, and taste good to great. Each herb is carefully and individually processed with a small batch approach, then the herbs are blended according to a specific formula recipe to create the fine quality complex herbal formulas that Cedar Bear is known for. All Cedar Bear products are inherently alcohol-free, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free, and GMO-free. Cedar Bear uses strict guidelines for herb sourcing, and uses Certified Organic herbs when available.