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Don’t Be A Pill Popper, Drink Your Herbs!

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By Jhoane Robinson, Co-Founder of Cedar Bear Naturales


Years ago I had a couple of medical doctors that believed in megadosing with supplements. They had me swallowing handfuls of pills every day. Vitamin this, mineral that… I don’t even remember most of what they had me take, just that I had a hard time swallowing (or gagging) them all down. And I didn’t seem to get healthier.

Then I married an herbalist, and a ‘clinical’ herbalist at that!

Even 20 years ago, my husband Carl was convinced that taking handfuls of pills, especially in high doses, is not safe or healthy, and certainly isn’t natural!

Think about it – Vitamins and minerals occur in nature in food plants, animals, and medicinal herbs in complex, broad-spectrum ratios that our bodies can utilize through eating or drinking them. A pill contains isolates of these nutrients, whether natural or manmade (synthetic), as single constituents. It drops to your stomach and then may or may not properly dissolve so whatever is in the pill can be released.

Taking a handful of pills at a time day after day is asking for trouble. When all those pills hit the stomach, what is that mulligan stew of chemicals (or vitamins, herbs, or what have you) doing to your stomach? And then to your liver? How can your body figure out how to utilize them?

Even the concept of taking herbs in pills is not ‘natural.’ When was the last time you picked a pill off of a tree or harvested a pill out of the garden? Then ask yourself this question, “Do our stomachs have the enzymes to break down the cellulose matrix of plants like a cow or horse have?” Obviously the answer is a resounding no, so why take your herbs as powdered herbs in capsules or pressed pills?

When you are downing handfuls of supplements a day, even those that are ‘natural,’ you are stressing your body systems, not working with them. Without even realizing it, you may be taking too much of something and stressing your liver, your digestive system, your kidneys…

So how do you protect and build your health without all those dietary supplement pills? To work with your body in building and balancing your health, you need to get back to Nature, and Cedar Bear Liquid Herbs has the answer!

Cedar Bear makes liquid herbs that work with you, the way Nature intended. When you take liquid herbs, they begin absorbing right away. Your body knows what to do with a liquid, and it doesn’t have to digest it, either.

Cedar Bear Liquid Herbs taste good to great, (if something tastes nasty, you probably won’t want to use it), and they don’t have to be refrigerated, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Cedar Bear’s herbs are totally alcohol-free. (Most tinctures are alcohol based or alcohol removed.) Alcohol denatures many nutrients, so even if a nutrient is in the liquid, it may not be as effective in an alcohol tincture as in a true alcohol-free tincture. (We call our Liquid Herbs a TincTract® because it is more than a TINCture and more than an exTRACT.)

With no alcohol, no preservatives, no GMO’s, no gluten, no dairy, no corn, no sugar, only whole herbs in USP grade pure glycerin and purified water, you can’t get closer to Nature than that!

Protect and build your health with Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements. We have a complete line of herbal formulas and single herbs for all your health needs. We also have complete lines of herbal formulas for your kids and your pets, too.