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Summer Exercise and Cedar Bear Herbs

 Summer Exercise and Cedar Bear Herbs

    Summer is upon us, and so are outdoor activities. When we are having fun in the sun, we need to remember that Cedar Bear’s health building herbal supplements are very important to use in the summertime, as well as in the wintertime.

    When you are enjoying summertime activities out in the sun, Cedar Bear’s liquid herbs help support your health and energy.  An increase of activity brings the need for three things – antioxidants, oxygen, and minerals.

    Whether running, bicycling, swimming, gardening, etc, increased activity, especially in the sun, causes an increase of free radical cells in our bodies. This is a natural byproduct of a healthy metabolism. So, in the summertime, we actually need to increase our intake of antioxidants!

    A helpful Cedar Bear herbal formula to supplement your intake of antioxidants is Antioxidant Boost. This complex herbal formula is made with herbs that are known to have a wide spectrum of the antioxidants, minerals, and trace minerals that we need to help mop up those free radicals and keep our energy supported. And it tastes delicious!  Another Cedar Bear formula that has antioxidant herbs is Daily Herbals. Formulated as a daily use herbal supplement, this is a formula that will support your health throughout the summer. All members of the family can enjoy both of these formulas. Daily Herbals and Herbal Minerals, another important daily use herbal formula (has calcium building herbs), both with herbs that are known to have important health supporting minerals.

    If you are working on keeping your weight in check and keeping your energy up while being active this summer, MetaBoost and Slim Now can help in this department. Both were formulated to help support healthy thyroid function, satisfy the appetite, and support mineral and trace mineral needs, especially when eating a calorie reduced diet.  And talking about the thyroid, don’t forget XODINE Iodine. Cedar Bear’s glycerin based nano-colloidal iodine supports all body functions. This is especially important for the thyroid, the master gland regulator of our metabolism, which has to have proper amounts of iodine to produce thyroid hormones to function properly.

    Need more energy and oxygen while hiking those mountains? Brain Boost and Memory Boost are formulated with gingko and gotu kola, both of which help oxygenate the brain. Choose the formula that works best for you. Another very helpful oxygen supporting Cedar Bear formula is Herbal Blood Build, which is formulated with herbs that have naturally occurring iron and helps increase oxygen levels in the blood, so you have more energy.

   A fun way to use your Cedar Bear herbal formulas in the summertime is to blend them into a healthful smoothie. You can put them in your water bottle and sip them throughout the day. Or slip a bottle into your pocket or purse so you have it with you where ever you go.

    So, where ever your Summertime activities take you, make sure you are prepared with your Cedar Bear herbal supplements to help you make the best of your Summer.