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We have something for everybody

Cedar Bear: Something for Everybody

    Younger, older, and in-between, Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements has something for everybody! Our first formula, Herbal Minerals, was formulated for pregnant women, and soon became a best seller for children, too. (Herbal Minerals is an important daily health support for all ages, as it helps the body absorb calcium and other important minerals.)

    We then developed a whole line of formulas for kids. Children can’t swallow pills and won’t take things that are yucky, and because Cedar Bear herbs have no alcohol (which ruins the taste of an herb and decreases its effectiveness), these herbs taste good to great! Then we developed health-building formulas for those who are 40’s plus in age. We didn’t forget your four-legged fur kids, and have great herbal formulas for pets.

    With dozens of liquid herbal formulas and single herbs for people of all ages to choose from, Cedar Bear has most of your health needs covered. Indeed, we have something for everybody!

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