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Digestive Support in the New Year

Welcome to the New Year

Now that the Holidays are over and we are into a Glorious New Year, join us in getting our bodies back into the healthy eating and away from the foods that we’ve enjoyed in this holiday season.


We have all had the goodies, snacks, treats, lots and lots of rich foods, heavy foods, yummy foods…  So, how does all this eating affect our health? It’s not just that we get stomach aches and indigestion, but our digestive systems and livers clog up, even the lymphatic system is involved. This also negatively affects our immune systems. Have you ever noticed that when we are eating poorly, we tend to get sick more easily?
Also, when we eat and drink lots of foods that are highly refined, full of sugar, white flour, and high fructose corn syrup, our blood sugars and insulin levels go all over the place.  That sets us up for blood sugar problems and insulin resistance.
So, what are some tips for eating healthier and feeling better:


Drink lots of pure water from morning and throughout the day, and make sure you have a glass of water before holiday meals, or any rich meal.  (Not soda pop or other sweetened drinks.) Being thirsty is often misinterpreted as being hungry!
Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. HFCS leads to all kinds of health imbalances.



Eat smaller portions. Often just a bite or two of a treat is enough to feel wonderfully treated without overwhelming our bodies. We can not only keep the calorie count down by eating smaller amounts, but can enjoy a greater variety of foods.



Fiber is very important during the winter season. Make sure you have some of those celery and carrot sticks that are usually put out with meals and for snacks. And digestive enzymes such as protease, lipase, and amylase, are important for digestion. Also take supplements and eat foods that will give probiotic support such as yogurts, refrigerated pickles, sour kraut, etc.


Herbs for Better Digestive Health:
One of the best ways to help support your digestive health every day and especially during the winter is with Cedar Bear’s digestive support herbal formulas. Each formula has a different focus for the digestive system. Make sure you have them in your home, and take them with you when you are out and about. By making good food choices and using Cedar Bear herbs, you will be able enjoy the winter season’s heavy foods, and your body will be happy with you, as well!



Digestive Bitters – Bitter Herbs to Stimulate Digestive Action. This formula is based on the old Swedish Bitters approach for better digestive function. A few drops of Cedar Bear’s Digestive Bitters before a meal helps stimulate the
digestive process, so your digestive system is primed and ready to go when you eat.

Digestive Build – Builds Digestive Integrity. Gentle blood cleanser. A liver/digestive system cleanser and conditioner, this formula gives soothing and cooling support
the digestive system function. For Kids too!

Herbal Blood Cleanser – Clears & Conditions the Blood. Good tasting and gentle on the system, this formula supports the liver and gallbladder.

Stomach Relief – Reduces Gas, Bloating & Stomach Upset. Great stomach support for all ages.

Meta Boost – One of the primary herbs in MetaBoost!(TM), Hoodia cactus, has historically been used by the African San tribal members on long hunting journeys to keep their energy
and stamina levels up while not eating for long periods at a time.

Stomach Settler – Travel & Morning Nausea Settler. A zippy ginger based formula that all ages can take that can help soothe and settle an upset stomach. For Kids too!

Stomach Relief – Soothes the digestive tract, reduces gas, bloating, and temporary stomach distress. For Kids too!

Sugar Stop! – Calms Sweet Cravings & Supports Blood Sugar Levels. A great tasting herbal formula that temporarily ‘stops’ the taste of sugar, while helping to curb sugar cravings.
For Kids too!

Xodine Iodine – Supports the thyroid, which helps metabolism and the immune system work better.