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Cleansing – Spring Cleaning

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     We live in an increasingly toxic world. Toxic is defined as “Containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation.” (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary)

     Environmental pollution and toxicity has been directly linked to our health and health issues and is causing debilitation, from minor health complains to serious health problems, and even death. And, there is no ignoring that the levels of toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat are increasing.

     Toxins in our environment negatively affect our health, and because of this toxicity all around us, we have to deal with the pollution that has invaded our bodies by ‘cleaning out’ our interior environment. Many of these toxins that we breathe, drink and eat are fat soluble and become lodged in the tissues in our body, which require deeper detoxification efforts.

     Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and revitalize the body from inside out. Over the winter, we may have indulged in sweets and treats, had too many holiday feasts, been more sedentary than we usually are during the rest of the year and have not been exercising, been sick more than usual… all these things contribute to the toxic load our bodies are subjected to.

     Certain herbs help the body break down and eliminate toxins, both from the environment and the normal byproducts of metabolism.

     Using these detox and cleansing herbs, we focus on clearing the liver, blood, lymphatic system, and the digestive system.

     The liver is one of the most important organs in the body for cleansing, as its job is to neutralize toxins from the blood and prepare them to be flushed from the body. When the liver is overloaded, it can’t effectively do its job. Many ‘illnesses’ we experience are actually caused by the liver not functioning smoothly. When we clean and build the liver, many chronic and acute health problems simply go away! Dandelion Root is a gentle liver cleanser/builder, Chaparral Leaf and Red Clover Flower are examples of deep liver cleansing herbs, while Milk Thistle Seed primarily builds and protects the liver with light cleansing support.

     Blood cleansing improves circulation and liver function. Herbs that help clear toxins from the bloodstream also benefit the liver and kidneys. Burdock Root, Yellow Dock Root and Chickweed are excellent blood cleansing herbs.

     The Lymphatic System is integral to immune system function and clearing toxins from the body. Congestion in the lymphatic system causes many chronic health symptoms. Red Root Bark is known for its lymphatic system clearing abilities.

     Keeping the Digestive System clear is very important. This is where a great deal of our immune system’s function resides. Sarsaparilla Root, Oregon Grape Root and Ginger Root help clear and build the digestive system. When bowel elimination is slowed down for any reason, toxins back up into the body. Senna Leaf and Cascara Sagrada Bark help loosen the bowels.

     You can prepare any of these herbs yourself as a decoction. (A decoction is a tea that you simmer for 10-20 minutes. This is necessary for preparing roots.) It’s best to avoid powders and use cut & sifted herbs.

     Cedar Bear’s Liquid Herbs have been carefully created for all your detox and cleansing needs, as well as for health building. Already prepared for ease of use, all natural, no preservatives, no alcohol… just Nature’s best health support in a bottle!


Cedar Bear Detox and Cleansing Formulas:

Lower Bowel Support gently helps loosen the bowels and build the lower digestive system at the same time.

Herbal Blood Cleanser is formulated to help cleanse the liver and condition the blood, cleaning and building health from the inside out.

Herbal Detox is formulated to help the body release deeply sequestered toxins in our tissues.

Digestive Build cleanses the liver and digestive system, while helping build and strengthen the digestive system.

Lymphati Cleanse clears lymphatic congestion, both acute (short term) and chronic (long term).

Single herbs

Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) – Blood and lymphatic system purifier.

Chickweed Leaf/Stem/Flower (Stellaria media) – Blood purifying, flushes toxins and excess fluids.

Yellow Dock Root (Rumex crispus)used traditionally as a general blood cleanser and detoxifier.