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Chronic Exhaustion

Chronic Exhaustion – Don’t be a victim to your stress.

When there is no end to the siege in sight, the constant state of readiness (chronic stress) wears down the body. Adrenal exhaustion sets in, causing long-term fatigue and emotional lows. The thyroid also becomes exhausted, causing lowered metabolism, weight gain and contributing to fatigue that just
won’t go away. The immune system is also exhausted, so it can’t protect your health like it should; the pancreas and liver become exhausted, so blood sugar
and insulin dynamics become imbalanced; and the cardiovascular system becomes exhausted so that if your blood pressure is high (caused by the long-term
stress), it puts you at risk for heart and cardiovascular crisis. Now you can see how long-term Stress becomes the Silent Killer!
DON’T BE A VICTIM TO YOUR STRESS! There are ways to reduce the negative effects that stress has on our health. DO’s: 
• Breathe! Breathing exercises are well documented to help reduce stress and its effects.
• Drink plenty of pure water! Proper hydration helps the body’s fluid dynamics.
• Sleep! Good night’s sleep is very important to reducing stress and its effects.
• Exercise! Nothing beats moving your body to move stress out of the system.
• Eat whole, fresh foods! The body needs the right nutrients to fight the effects of stress.
• Use Herbs! Nature has provided us with wonderful stress remedies – a category of herbs called ADAPTOGENS.

Stress Reducing, Adaptogen-based Herbal Formulas:
Adreno Build – Helps overcome adrenal burnout
and rebuild energy levels with adaptogenic herbs. This
natural herbal formula supports the adrenal glands,
helps balance the HPA Axis, and soothes and strengthens
the nervous system. It helps improve mental focus,
relieve anxiousness, calm nerves. Ingredients: Astragalus
root, wood betony lf/stm/flwr, ginkgo leaf, eleuthero
root, gotu kola leaf/flower, licorice root, lavender
flower, spearmint leaf, passionflower leaf.
Immune Builder – An immune system building
tonic specifically formulated for those with autoimmune
imbalances of any kind. This adaptogenic formula
helps rebuild and rebalance the immune system
and gently build overall health. Ingredients: Schisandra
berry, eleuthero root, gotu kola leaf/flower, ashwagandha
root, ginkgo leaf, spearmint leaf, oatstraw leaf/
stem, licorice root.
Longevity Build – These herbs from India/China are
vitality-enhancing herbs to strengthen immune function
and rejuvenate exhausted body systems. Helps
rebuild, strengthen and support health and vitality on
all levels. Ingredients: Goji berry, ashwagandha root,
bupleurum root, astragalus root, lemon peel, gotu kola
leaf, fo-ti root.
Memory Build – Rejuvenating, balancing, strengthening
and calming to the nervous system. Helps revitalize
the nerves and brain cells, and improve blood
flow through strengthening veins and capillaries.
Ingredients: Ginkgo leaf, ashwagandha root, gotu kola
leaf, eleuthero root, hawthorn berry, rose hip, green
tea leaf, bilberry fruit, turmeric root, rosemary leaf,
dandelion root, milk thistle seed, ginger root.
Vitality Build – Helps rebuild vitality reserves of
physical strength, endurance and stamina; mental
vitality reserves of mental focus and sustained mental
discipline; and emotional vitality reserves of emotional
strength, stability, and security. Ingredients: Eleuthero
root, elecampane root, ginkgo leaf, fo-ti root,
hawthorn berry, schisandra berry, ashwagandha root,
rooibos leaf, goji berry, maca root, Asian ginseng root,
American ginseng root.
Nervine Formulas (nervous system calming)
Calming Chamomile™ – Calms Nerves & Settles
Stomachs. Ingredients: Catnip leaf/stem, chamomile
flower, passionflower leaf, spearmint leaf, skullcap leaf/
stem, hops, rose flower.
Kava Calm/Lavender Calm – Muscle & Nervous
System Calmer. Helps with Occasional Sleeplessness.
Ingredients: Kava root (or Lavender Flower), hops
strobile, valerian root, skullcap lf/stm/flwr, passionflower
leaf, schisandra berry, anise seed, licorice root.
Herbal Minerals – Calcium & Vital-Mineral Supplement.
Ingredients: Alfalfa leaf, stinging nettle leaf,
oatstraw leaf/stem, horsetail leaf/stem, raspberry leaf,
yarrow flower, peppermint leaf, chamomile flower, dill
weed leaf.