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New Year’s Message: Winter Health Support

Winter Wellness Booklet by Cedar Bear

 By Co-Founder Jhoane Robinson

    It’s a New Year! The fresh, unturned pages of this New Year 2014 stretch before us. What are we going to do this year that is different than last year? What are we going to do better than before?  Some people do start the New Year with a resolution, but let it peter out as days begin to fly by. Producing the TincTract® products, year after year, for 20 years, our resolutions have gotten stronger with time.

    What is a resolution? A Resolution is decree to resolve, to promise. Resolution speaks of determination, steadfastness, tenacity, firmness, perseverance, doggedness, and purpose. These are qualities to emulate. They are qualities that create greatness!

    At Cedar Bear we ‘resolve’ to make the world a healthier place with every herb we process!  That is the Resolution we started out with 20 years ago!

    Today, 2014, 20 years later, we resolve to continue, with exacting dedication and meticulous attention to detail in the work of the last 20 years, begun over 30 years ago by L. Carl Robinson and continued to this day and beyond. Carl had the vision, the determination, the steadfastness, and the tenacity to go against what the rest of the world believed, that manufactured over-the-counter remedies are better than herbs for building health – they aren’t. That pills are better than liquid – they aren’t. That standardized, marker compound potency guaranteed herbs that are really pseudo-drugs are better than whole herbs – they aren’t. That alcohol processed herbal tinctures are better than our true alcohol-free processed herbs – they aren’t.

    For 20 years, we at Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements have doggedly stuck to our premise that herbs processed with our multi step, totally alcohol-free TincTract® process produces the best quality, more concentrated, best tasting, best lasting liquid herbs that exist.

    Cedar Bear persevered through the tough times, never wavering in our knowledge that the time would come that the consumer would demand effective, great tasting high grade liquid whole herb products. Easy to use, easy to take, easy to take with you wherever you go… that time is now.

    2014 is the year of the Bear – of Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements!



Winter Wellness Booklet by Cedar Bear