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The Healing Power in Your Garden!

The Healing Power in Your Garden!

Picture of Jhoane gardening.

  Over 15 years ago, I was so ill that I was unable to walk unassisted. We had moved to the country in hopes that we could get my health turned around.

   The first Cedar Bear garden had been planted, but no one was able to care for it. From inside my house, I saw that the growing weeds were threatening to take over the vegetable and herb plants, and even though I had never done any gardening before, and as weak as I was, I dragged myself (literally) out to the garden and began pulling the weeds.

   The more I weeded, the more I enjoyed it. After a few weeks, I began to have the feeling that the plants that I was tending were sort of connecting with me and letting me know that as I took care of them, they would take care of me. After all, they seemed to say, that is their job, to take care of all those that take care of them.

  Soon we had peas, green beans, zucchini, and kitchen herbs of parsley and basil, and mints… Then came the peppers, onions, and tomatoes… Not only were these fresh organically grown vegetables far superior to what we could get at the grocery stores, but my energy was improving, and I was beginning to be able to walk better! The more I worked in the garden, the stronger I got!

   The healing experience that summer was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Indeed, those plants that I had taken care of were truly taking care of me!

 So now, 15 plant-tending summers later, we are expanding our garden plots to begin growing larger intensive gardens as an organic farm for both vegetable and health benefiting herbs. We are also further developing our education center to teach people of all ages and stages of life the joys and health benefits of growing herbs and vegetables, and flowers, too. From seed to table, as they say.

   Today we had our wonderful Cedar Bear Team manufacturing team and sales team spend the afternoon at the Cedar Bear Herb Farm to help us prepare some of the beds for planting. It was great fun getting everyone together, and we are excited for our adventures ahead.

   We have several herbs growing here that soon will be in our Cedar Bear products. Lemon balm, catnip, peppermint, motherwort, and alfalfa are some that are coming along nicely.  We’ll keep you posted as we grow.

   The last few months, Carl and I have been writing about how important your kitchen herbs, spices, and vegetables are for your health (you can read more on Cedar Bear’s website, Truly, the more we grow healthy, fresh foods and herbs and have them in our own kitchens, the better our health can be!

In Health,

Jhoane Robinson

Cedar Bear President & Co-Founder