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Allergies in Spring, and helping support the body

 Allergies make life miserable for millions of people. Most of us that have tried over-the-counter and prescribed medications have found that they only mask symptoms, don’t help as much as we wish they would, and cause problem side effects such as drowsiness and dry the mucous membranes.


In reality, while helping to suppress uncomfortable symptoms, these medications don’t reduce the causes of allergies. Since it’s always better to put a preventative fence at the top of the hill rather than only having an ambulance at the bottom of the hill, let’s address ways to reduce and prevent allergy problems in the first place.


So, the first thing to do is try to figure out what is causing the allergic reaction. If the cause can be removed or exposure can be reduced, often the allergic symptoms will subside.


I have a food allergy to sulfites and have to be vigilant to not eat or drink anything with sulfites. No sulfites, no reaction. Simple, eh? (Except when I get hit with hidden sulfites in foods or drinks. Uggh! I also have an allergy to cats. I love my cats, and live in the country on our farm where we have to have cats for mousers. So, my bedroom is declared a ‘cat free zone’, and most of the year they live outside.


Other preventions can be found in our diet. That includes drinking lots of pure water. (This is the number one recommendation that we give for most health needs, by the way.) Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in these foods help the body function better. Believe it or not, peppers, berries, citrus, spinach and broccoli have allergy reducing qualities. Reduce mucous forming dairy products and fried foods. (Contrary to popular belief, milk is not the best way to get our calcium. Fruits and veggies are.)


Keep your home clear of dust and try to not bring pollen and dust indoors by window fans and pets, and keep furnace filters clean. Pets may need to live outside.


Wash Your Sinuses: Using a Neti pot and flushing the sinuses with saline water is a simple allergy prevention and health maintenance action that can help reduce a great deal allergy grief.


Helpful Herbs:

My favorite is Stinging Nettle Leaf. Not only is it full of mineral nutrients, but Stinging Nettles have naturally occurring histamine reducers. Cool, eh?

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle


Licorice root supports natural cortisol production, important for reducing reactions. Angelica Root helps block antibodies involved in reactions. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps reduce overproduction of fluids. Some other helpful herbs are Elder Flower, Cat’s Claw Bark, White Pine Bark, and Skullcap Leaf. 


Cedar Bear’s formula Respir Ease™ is an excellent support for opening the bronchial/respiratory system and calming reactions in the body. It is a formula I use quite frequently during those seasons that cause distress. Respir Ease has herbs (eyebright, stinging nettle leaf, elder berry, feverfew leaf, and a few other herbs) that have unique qualities to help open up the bronchial passages, cool, strengthen, and repair damage to respiratory tract tissues, reduce bronchial congestion, and help alleviate on-going respiratory problems. This whole herb formula has naturally occurring mineral electrolytes, flavonoids and ascorbates that are known to help build respiratory tissues. Respir Ease™ has a cleaning action on the respiratory system, has a gentle tissue cooling quality and can help many kinds of non-specific long-term coughs, and helps counter sensitivities to environmental irritants such as pollen and dust. Also comes in Respir Ease™ for Kids


We don’t need to be miserable with allergies when we use preventative measures and work to strengthen our overall health and wellbeing.


In Health,

Jhoane Robinson

Cedar Bear