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Cedar Bear, Liquid Herbal Supplements

Don't Settle For Alcohol Removed

Don’t Settle for Alcohol Removed

    Did you know that U.S. labeling law allows companies to process herbs with alcohol, then remove the alcohol and replace it with something else, and the product can still be labeled as ‘alcohol-free?’  In truth, it is blatantly false that an alcohol-tinctured herb can be totally alcohol-free when it was processed with alcohol and the alcohol was removed. A small percent of the alcohol ALWAYS remains, as well as the damage that the alcohol did to the herb’s effectiveness in the first place! Even many of the powdered herbs and herbs that dissolve easily in water that are being imported from outside of the United States were first processed as an alcohol tincture before they were dried into a powder. These herbs simply will NOT be as effective as herbs that have not been exposed to alcohol.

   Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements are totally, 100% alcohol-free! Alcohol is NEVER used at any time in the processing of Cedar Bear herbs. Cedar Bear also uses herbs that are not powdered (whenever possible), and never herbs that have been exposed to alcohol.

   You deserve the best herbs possible, and you deserve products that really are what they claim to be. Don’t settle for herbal products that claim to be alcohol free, when they are really alcohol removed. Make sure your herbal supplements are Cedar Bear Herbs!


Stand the Test of Time

Stand the Test of Time

   Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements have been manufactured since 1998 and our unique multi-step, alcohol-free process and original first formulas developed by Founder L. Carl Robinson in 1985, have been in continuous production throughout this time.

   Using only carefully chosen herbs from trusted sources, organic whenever possible, USP grade glycerin, and the highest of manufacturing standards to produce the finest of liquid herbal products, Cedar Bear Herbs taste like the herbs they come from, only better!

   Cedar Bear Herbal Formulas and Single Herbs have been used by clinicians and health store owners as their personal natural health supplements for their families health care needs for over 20 years.

   Time tested, time proven, and having stood the test of time, make Cedar Bear Herbs the natural health care support in your home! 

Cedar Bear: Straight from nature to your shelf. 

Straight from Nature to Your Shelf


   Cedar Bear goes to great lengths to make sure our liquid herbs are as close to Nature as possible. Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements are made from herbs that come from trusted sources that are organic certified, grown without chemicals, or ethically wildcrafted whenever possible. We also use whole herb parts (not powdered) when possible, to have greater control over the quality of the final product.

   Cedar Bear’s multiple-step processing takes anywhere from days to weeks to prepare, depending on the herb part. Each flower, leaf, stem, bark, root, rhizome, mushroom, or berry is handled individually and each one takes a different amount of time to prepare.

   Our bodies absorb and utilize liquid herbs better than in any other form. That’s why Cedar Bear’s Founder Carl Robinson developed a process that takes an herb from Nature, brings out the water soluble and heat soluble components, polysaccharides, enzymes, and all other the wonderful components that make an herb so beneficial for our health, puts it all back together in a liquid that is naturally preserved, tastes like the original herb, and does what the herb in Nature is known to do. And we do this without alcohol! (Alcohol tinctures taste bad and the alcohol itself damages the effectiveness of the herb.)

   Herbs in a bottle that you can bring home and use any time you need them. Straight from Nature to your shelf!


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