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Cedar Bear, Straight From Nature to Your Shelf

Straight From Nature to Your Shelf


Straight from Nature to Your Shelf

    Cedar Bear goes to great lengths to make sure our liquid herbs are as close to Nature as possible. Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements are made from herbs that come from trusted sources that are organic certified, grown without chemicals, or ethically wildcrafted whenever possible. We also use whole herb parts (not powdered) when possible, to have greater control over the quality of the final product.

   Cedar Bear’s multiple-step processing takes anywhere from days to weeks to prepare, depending on the herb part. Each flower, leaf, stem, bark, root, rhizome, mushroom, or berry is handled individually and each one takes a different amount of time to prepare.

   Our bodies absorb and utilize liquid herbs better than in any other form. That’s why Cedar Bear’s Founder Carl Robinson developed a process that takes an herb from Nature, brings out the water soluble and heat soluble components, polysaccharides, enzymes, and all other the wonderful components that make an herb so beneficial for our health, puts it all back together in a liquid that is naturally preserved, tastes like the original herb, and does what the herb in Nature is known to do. And we do this without alcohol! (Alcohol tinctures taste bad and the alcohol itself damages the effectiveness of the herb.)

   Herbs in a bottle that you can bring home and use any time you need them. Straight from Nature to your shelf!





Your liquid supplement shouldn’t be a bitter pill. – Taste the alcohol-free difference.

    You’ve tried those nasty, awful tasting liquid herbs before. How awful tasting are they? So awful that you probably vowed you’d never take anything that bad tasting again!

   At Cedar Bear, we believe your liquid supplement shouldn’t be a bitter pill to swallow! Cedar Bear’s Liquid Herbal Supplements taste good! That’s right! They actually taste GOOD! Some even taste GREAT!

   That’s because Cedar Bear herbs are totally 100% alcohol-free (one of the reasons herbal tinctures taste so bad), and Cedar Bear’s multi step process carefully makes sure that all the goodness that Nature put into an herb is there in every bottle. No preservatives, no additives, nothing artificial.  Made with USP grade glycerin, a substance that is naturally sweet but doesn’t cause blood sugar or insulin imbalances, many Cedar Bear herbs are yummy enough to feel like you are being treated.

   So go ahead and taste the alcohol-free difference of Cedar Bear, and make Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements your herbs of choice!



 Yuck Sucks, Kids want something tasty. 

Yuck Sucks – Enjoy the great taste of alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements

    You know kids! They can’t swallow pills, and WON’T take anything that tastes yucky!

   If you’re tired of chasing your kids and trying to force something down their throats because it’s supposed to be good for them but tastes so terrible they run and hide or clench their mouths shut, you’ll be thrilled to have found Cedar Bear Herbs!

   Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements taste great! Kids love them! In fact, they ask to take their herbs, especially when they don’t feel good. Kids seem to intrinsically know Cedar Bear’s herbs are good for them. Cedar Bear has a full line of herbal formulas especially made for Kids. They are totally 100% alcohol-free, and have nothing artificial, just as Nature intended.

   But let’s be honest, it’s not just the kids that don’t like yucky tastes. We grown ups are just as picky! So don’t limit using Cedar Bear to just the kids – everyone of all ages can use them, too! Enjoy the great taste of Cedar Bear’s alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements.